A week in the life of a Hubshare employee – Work Experience Oct 2019

The week of the 21st October 2019, Hubshare was joined by Maria yr12 and Ciaran yr11 who decided to give up their half term holiday and join us to learn more about Sales, Marketing and the Technical areas of a business. The pair, spent the week designing images on InDesign and Illustrator, took over our social media platforms, made a video on Doodly, helped with our Internal Newsletter and created themselves LinkedIn profiles to enhance their own personal professional development !

As part of their week, they created this blog post to document their experience and write up their main findings from interviewing the Hubshare team. So read on to find out how they got on…


“On my first day at Hubshare, Rebecca, Hubshare’s Marketing and Sales Executive, introduced me to the company and gave me a down-low of what Hubshare does. She put me straight to work, posting on social media and updating the Hubshare website with the latest upcoming events Hubshare is attending. I did this by using WordPress which was completely new to me. Coming to a work environment was somewhat daunting but, producing work and seeing it be used was a great feeling. Even though it was my first day, I didn’t feel too anxious because the people around me were so lovely and it was clear they had a good work dynamic. (I also really enjoyed having my own desk and plant).” – Maria


On Tuesday morning we (Ciaran and Maria) learnt all about Hubshare, with an overview from Damian Jeal, the co-founder at Hubshare. We learnt that Hubshare allows you and your clients to share information at anytime and as long as you have the permissions then you can access this information at any given time. There are also good features such as being able to change the colour, logo and images on your dashboard. The portals are secure and, if you are a client, you are always provided with up to date information. We then created an image to talk about a use case, Team Collaboration. We put our creation next to the Hubshare logo and changed it to suit our version, during the process we used InDesign and Illustrator, to help us crop images and delete parts of the image that we did not need. To make the logo near enough the perfect size we placed the Hubshare official logo on top of our logo so we got the positioning and everything spot on. We used cogs because at Hubshare if one person stops contributing then it makes it harder for everyone else, the puzzle pieces were used to emphasise how at Hubshare everyone gets on well, gets their work done whilst having a laugh and a joke, if one is missing then the work gets harder, we also used puzzle pieces to show that Hubshare is like a family. The people were added to emphasise that if everyone works together then things get done and nothing breaks down.


We then had our first of three lunchtime interviews, where we got to speak to the Hubshare staff about their roles and what it’s like working at Hubshare. First was Florence, the Admin Director. After meeting Florence is was very clear that respect is extremely important to her and it was lovely to see that she’s found that working in Hubshare. It was prominent from her interview that she constantly has multiple tasks ongoing, but organises them efficiently by knowing the importance and priority of certain tasks, also mentioning that when she does ever need help, people are always attentive and quick to help. My personal favourite part of the interview has to be when Florence asked herself “Do I love organising people?” which was followed by a simple “Yes, I do!”.



Our take-aways!