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Work Experience

A week in the life of a Hubshare employee – Work Experience Oct 2019

The week of the 21st October 2019, Hubshare was joined by Maria yr12 and Ciaran yr11 who decided to give
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8 questions to ask when choosing between Cloud or On-Premises for your Client Portal

96% of organisations are using cloud-based computing of some form*. How many applications are you using today within your firm
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What In-House Lawyers want

In the ever-growing client focused legal industry, it’s becoming more and more important for lawyers to provide their clients with
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Make the switch to a client portal

Email is Unsecure You’re probably already aware of the dangers associated with email, but we bet you’re still continuing to
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Hubshare launches its new hosting in Canada

Hubshare are delighted to announce a new cloud hosting in Canada on Microsoft Azure, after noting the high demand from
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The value of collaborating to ensure client retention

Why client retention is so important The age of the customer has meant those working in professional services have to
April 23, 2019 1

Go green with collaborative document portals

In a world where we are constantly thinking of ways to reduce our green footprint, it seems natural to extend
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Efficiency, Security, Cloud & Collaboration

As we head into the new year, we take a look back at some of the key trends of 2018
January 16, 2019 Like
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Hubshare launches North American cloud

Hubshare is pleased to announce the launch of its hosting in the North American cloud. This is Hubshares 4th location
June 26, 2018 Like

Why law firms need to avoid email attachment hell

Check your inbox, how many emails do you have? I bet by the time you’ve read this article you’ll have
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Should you Build or should you Buy – Extranet Special

The question many Law firm heads of IT ask themselves when purchasing software is “Do we buy it, or do
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Integrating systems with your extranet – Why is it key to improving a law firm’s processes?

Document exchanges between law firms and its clients and/or counsel are rapidly changing, with the move to the ‘less paper’
January 18, 2017 Like

Is your firm making these collaboration mistakes?

We recently found an interesting article from the Tech Fest Conference ‘The Four Collaboration Mistakes You Need to Stop Making
January 11, 2017 Like
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Law firms’ cloud security – are your law firms’ cloud security fears misplaced?

ILTA’s technology purchasing survey highlights law firms’ cloud security concerns. In this article we question these fears, suggest other areas firms
March 11, 2017 Like
Legal, Security

Security is Still the Biggest Technology Challenge for Law Firms

The ILTA Tech Survey* highlights that security is still the biggest technology challenge for law firms. With the media constantly reporting
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GDPR and how our technology can help you with compliance

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) enforcement begins 25th May 2018. We hope with this article we can help our
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5 Ways Email is Killing Your Productivity

Although you may think email as a tool to enhance your business efficiency, email is killing your productivity. Email allows
February 23, 2018 1

"Hubshare demonstrated superior adaptability and seamless integration to our current workflows while maintaining ease of use for both internal and external users."


Managing Partner at Bishop & McKenzie

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“We did a lot of research and tested all of the best platforms at the time, and for us, we found Hubshare was the most user friendly.”


Manager of Digital Solutions at Harwood Andrews

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“One of the things that we wanted to implement first was a way to securely upload documents to a data room and that’s how we began the partnership with Hubshare.”


IT Director at Steele Raymond

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