Key Trends : Efficiency, Security, Cloud & Collaboration

As we head into the new year, we take a look back at some of the key trends of 2018 that are continuing to be prevalent in 2019 and what the ILTA 2018 Technology Survey Report had to say about these.

For those that don’t know the ILTA survey, released at the end of 2018, was completed by 481 firms representing more than 92,000 attorneys and 188,000 users. Each year the survey data provides a deep insight into the key technology decisions being made in law firms.

Technology today is moving at such a rapid pace; most firms can’t keep up. The ILTA report highlights this also, stating technology adoption at law firms and legal departments is moving so fast that many lawyers and practices are being left behind, even if they excel at being a lawyer.

Change is still the biggest issue within law firms and its easy to see why if technology is moving so fast. User acceptance of new versions or new solutions and managing the expectations of change is a constant annoyance. Couple that with security and email management and you have the top technology issues facing law firms according to ILTA’s report. If we look back at the last few years of the report, security is certainly moved up the issues list, but change has always been there.