Unlock your potential

Present clients, partners and colleagues an easy-to-use platform equipped with powerful tools to encourage collaborative working.

Offer your customers and partners an easy-to-use platform with various functionalities.

Centralised workflow

Be confident your sensitive data is kept secure using Hubshare’s granular rights, by setting restrictions for specific users or groups to limit what they can view, download, edit etc. Visualise your projects over time, follow their progress in real time and communicate with your team to meet deadlines. Everything in one accessible platform for a streamlined workflow.

Seamless integrations

With options for 1 or 2-way synchronised integrations with your DMS, users can effortlessly transfer files straight from a DMS into specific Hubs. Our custom content widgets within the dashboard additionally allow users to pull financial data straight from their Practice Management System into their Hub, keeping clients to date with budgeting.

Efficient collaboration

Communicate with clients and partners simultaneously in a unique and personalised workspace. Don’t interrupt your work by staying connected from any device, streamlining your communication and strengthening client relationships.

Cloud or On-Premises deployment

Choose the implementation model you want depending on your preference and data compliance regulations. If you host Hubshare on the cloud, choose from one of our 5 secure servers on Microsoft Azure in either UK, France, USA, Australia or Canada. Alternatively, opting for an on-premises deployment, offers you with the control to decide where your data resides.