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Hall & Wilcox speed up the audit process with Hubshare


Leading independent Australian law firm Hall & Wilcox, who have offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Newcastle, Perth and Canberra, have implemented Nikec Binder and Hubshare to speed up the audit process, by improving efficiency sharing and collaborating with legal document bibles and audits.

Hall & Wilcox, who pride themselves on delivering “smarter law”, have been using Nikec Binder to enhance their less paper initiatives. A recent surprise audit in their insurance section was a perfect example of how Binder speeds up the process of using electronic documents and saves time. Instead of spending hours finding, printing out and binding the documents into a paper file needed for an audit, Hall & Wilcox staff can create an electronic Binder straight out of iManage in minutes allowing the auditors to flick through these documents within the Binder on a surface pro as easy as if it was in a physical binder. Having the ability to search quickly anywhere within the digital Binder gives it the edge over the paper file.

Hall & Wilcox have also implemented Hubshare, a secure file sharing and collaboration platform. Hubshare allows Hall & Wilcox to easily share Binders with clients and counsel, whilst being in control of where their data resides and maintain security throughout, but also send large files to clients which became impossible with standard email.

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