Proactively Managing Your Clients, Using a Client Portal

The session:

Join Damian and Rebecca, as they explore why firms are now investing in Client Portals and how they are more than just sharing documents. During the 30min session, we will help you to understand the different levels of Client Collaboration, why it's important to provide your clients with the best and how.

The Webinar:

- Why Client Portals are more than just file-sharing
- The 5 Levels of Client Collaboration
- Why integrations are key: A centralised point of access for your clients
- Unseen demo of Hubshare's V3.1 release
- Demo of Hubshare's DMS, Office, and Finance systems integrations
- Q&A


Damian Jeal
Co-Founder VP of Sales

Damian is the Co-Founder of Hubshare and Managing Director of Nikec Solutions. He has been in legal IT for 19 years, helping law firms with their digital transformation and collaboration projects.
Rebecca Welsh
Marketing & Sales

Rebecca specialises in empowering professionals to collaborate using innovative technology, having worked in both marketing and sales for Hubshare.