Security is still the Biggest Technology Challenge for Law Firms


The ILTA 2016 Tech Survey highlights that security is still the biggest technology challenge for law firms. With the media constantly reporting hacking and phishing scams, it’s easy to see why this is such a concern. Law firm’s store and transfer a lot of sensitive data, so it’s essential to have high levels of security. ILTA’s survey highlights that there is a general consensus about security. Yet, the issues firms have with it are becoming more about the users than the technology itself.

ILTA Tech Survey found that security compliance/risk management was the top technology issue or annoyance within firms. 39% of respondents agreeing this was their main issue. Although this is down from 42% in 2015, it is clearly still a key issue. We predict that it’ll still be the dominant challenge in 2017.

Law firms biggest security challenges

ILTA asked ‘What are your three biggest law firm security challenges?’ and 34% answered balancing security with usability, 25% user acceptance and behaviour, 21% user education and awareness, and 21% firm culture. Therefore it’s clear that it’s less about the technology firms are using and more about their users themselves. This is key for firms realising that they can have the most secure technology in the world, but unless your users are on board and practising high levels of security it’s not going to work. This is important for firms adopting new technology, the fear of the security technology itself is fading.

So firms must invest time and money into formal training for users. ILTA found formal security awareness training programs dramatically increased in 2016 up to 62%. Even with the most secure technology, it is only as secure as its users are. This focus on users suggest that the fear surrounding technology being the problem for law firms’ security is changing.

Improve security by selecting the right technology

However, firms should not ignore the fact technology selection is important. Enterprise systems will provide adamant security as long as their users have the correct cybersecurity training and use these systems correctly. This is an area which we predict more time and money will go into in 2017, to help with user adoption and reinforce the importance of cybersecurity in law firm’s culture. So it will be just as important if not more important than other training. Helping firms to view IT as a beneficial tool that is key to their business.

As security is still the biggest technology challenge for law firms, and with an increase in data breaches and hacks, we predict that this will still be the key issues for firms in 2017. However, there has been a shift from technological worries to worries over breaches resulting from users. The security of your software depends hugely on your users themselves. Therefore in 2017 firms need to focus on the cybersecurity of their users to avoid breaches, making training a top priority and investing both time and money into this.

*ILTA Tech Survey 2016