Protect your workspace with Hubshare

Security, authentication and user right management, whether in the Cloud or On-premise.


Cloud or On-premise integration, your choice

Data encryption

Hubshare is subject to strict regulations regarding the protection of personal data. All data is therefore confidential and stored redundantly on our servers to avoid any risk of loss. Hubshare to encrypt content and rename files using the symmetric AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm.


Access and user rights

Types of users in Hubshare :

• Company admin : Has the ability to configure all the parameters related to the company and manage all users (internal and external).
• Hub admin : The creator of a Hub can define an internal user or group as an admin, which means they can invite users to the Hub and manage their rights.
• Internal user : A user who is part of the same company as the administrators. They can be invited to Hubs, have individual storage space and use Hubshare plugins (Outlook, Office, etc.).
• External user : Users who are not part of the same company as the administrators (customers, partners, service providers of the company). They are limited in functionality compared to internal ones but can still collaborate freely in the Hubs to which they have access.

Depending on the type of user, certain access and user rights are predefined. However, they can be modified indefinitely by the Hub administrators, who can choose what internal and external users can view and what actions they can perform in the Hub :

• The creation and customisation of Hubs
• The creation and editing of Hubs models
• Access to widgets
• Access to and use of the modules and the data integrated therein


"Hubshare demonstrated superior adaptability and seamless integration to our current workflows while maintaining ease of use for both internal and external users."


Managing Partner at Bishop & McKenzie

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“We did a lot of research and tested all of the best platforms at the time, and for us, we found Hubshare was the most user friendly.”


Manager of Digital Solutions at Harwood Andrews

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“One of the things that we wanted to implement first was a way to securely upload documents to a data room and that’s how we began the partnership with Hubshare.”


IT Director at Steele Raymond

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"Currently, Madgwicks leasing and franchising groups leverage Hubshare’s extranet capabilities to present key information and files in secure, branded collaboration workspaces for client access."


IT Manager of Madgwicks Lawyers

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